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On this page you will a few of the things I have written -- mostly since I retired from the law a few years ago.  

1.  A short novel -- The Decline & Fall of Mickey Bluestone and His Family -- followed by three pages of Notes.    

2.  A short story:  Prelude, Fugue, and Variation.  This is a highly fictionalized memoir of my childhood.  All the warm, funny bits are fiction.  All the nasty parts are true -- most of them literally true.  Uncle Moe was real and a doctor in Coney Island -- but he died when I was 8 or 9, so I barely remember him.  This 
picture of Uncle Moe inspired the story.

3.  Another short story:  Nora's Dove.  I wrote this to demonstrate to myself that I could write a story that was entirely made up and had nothing to do with my own life. 

4.  A short piece about  My Tragic and Untimely Death.

5.  Over the years I've written a dozen or so Op-Ed pieces for various papers.  One of the few I 
can still find is  Small-Town Boys -- published in a legal newspaper called the Los Angeles Daily Journal sometime in the 1990s.  It caused great consternation among the judges of San Diego and beyond, I am happy to say.  The editor gave the piece its title and (as editors love to do) tweaked the text to better fit the editor's taste.  What's posted here is a copy of a copy of a copy.  Sorry for its poor legibility.  As for newspaper articles about me -- there have been virtually none.  But here is one:  Iraq_War_.jpeg
192.8 KB

6.  I used to write a bit of verse.  I wrote Venus when I was college senior -- Jupiter came later.  The other poems when in law school:  This Room, This Day --  The Bell -- Separation -- For Dr. Frank Lossy.  And for some reason Bayview Manor popped into my head just a few years ago.  These poems are about half my lifetime product.  Only a few people have read them and their reaction was mostly tepid.  I would not argue these poems are good -- but I tell myself (truthfully) that they say what I wanted to say in the way I wanted to say it.

7.  If I can get hold of any of the hundreds of legal briefs I wrote, I hope to post a few here.

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